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The appearance of your property is your business’s first impression, and commercial grounds maintenance can help ensure it’s a good one for your customers and clients. The team at Viridian Light is knowledgeable and experienced in grounds maintenance, paying close attention to every detail, so your property is stunning and well-maintained all year round.

In addition to the services covered under commercial grounds maintenance, special seasonal services are offered to ensure your property is gorgeous, safe, and easy to access. Keep reading to discover how Viridian Light will help you drive business and create a happy work environment through commercial grounds maintenance.

What is Involved in Commercial Grounds Maintenance Shirley?

Before a client or customer ever steps foot through the door of your business, they have formulated an opinion of it based on the aesthetics of your property. Any greenery that is overgrown, browning, dying, or eaten by pests may make a poor impression on the kind of services or products they will receive from your business. Making grounds maintenance for your commercial property a priority will have your clients walking through the door already impressed.  

Commercial grounds maintenance is caring for and maintaining your property’s outdoor features. Viridian Light has a host of services for Shirley that will ensure all commercial properties in this charming town will match the beauty and tidiness of the area. 

Services we offer include the following: 

  • Lawn Care: Includes watering, mowing, trimming, edging, pruning, and planting.
  • Hedge Trimming: Includes shaping and maintaining hedges and bushes.
  • Irrigation: Includes an irrigation system to ensure your lawn and plants are properly watered.
  • Pest Control: Get rid of unwanted pests damaging your property’s plants.
  • Hedge/Shrub Services: Includes planting, pruning, trimming.
  • Weed Control/Treatment: Get rid of weeds that could negatively impact other plants and the property’s overall aesthetic.

These are services offered all year round. No matter the season, Viridian Light has a plan for your property.

Additional Seasonal Services for Shirley

Every season comes with unique needs and challenges when it comes to landscaping on commercial properties. It’s important to hire a grounds maintenance team that understands what additional services you’ll need for your property in the Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Being able to provide additional services based on the season will ensure a consistently pleasing aesthetic and keep employees and customers safe.

Spring Seasonal Services

The additional seasonal services Viridian Light offers for commercial properties in Shirley are based on the season. The Springtime is for planting new shrubbery or flowers to spruce up your property. Our team of experts can help you decide on a course of action for your commercial property as you approach the warmer months.


In addition to planning out your planting for the season and maintaining the year-round services of lawn and hedge maintenance, we offer one additional service ideal for the Spring:


  • Jet Washing: This service is necessary to remove buildup around your commercial property that even the strongest cleaning chemicals cannot remove. Jet washing uses high-pressure cold or hot water to break up grime, dirt, and buildup.

Summer Seasonal Services

As you approach the warmest weather of the year, what you planted in the Spring should be in full bloom. Keeping an eye on your irrigation system in the hot weather will ensure your lawn, hedges, and plants survive the heat. It’s also when you’ll see the most pests emerge, making it an ideal time to take advantage of our pest control services.


In addition to properly watering your greenery and getting rid of pests and any overgrowth or weeds that might choke out healthy plants, we offer one additional service ideal for the Summer:


  • Commercial Hard Landscaping: This service involves non-plant materials like constructed man-made features. Some examples are stone paths, retaining walls, and wooden walkways. These features are subject to the typical wear and tear associated with use and, therefore, may need maintenance or reconstruction.

Autumn Seasonal Services

The weather will take a turn in the autumn months, as will some of the plants on your commercial property. It’s the time of year to shift focus and start preparing for the fast-approaching winter months. Ensure your irrigation system is properly winterized before the temperatures drop too low to prevent damage to your system.


In addition to the typical lawn and hedge maintenance, as well as winterizing for the cold, we offer one additional service necessary for Autumn:


  • Leaf Clearing & Garden Maintenance: This service involves clearing out the fallen leaves from the property and strengthening your plant and turf roots to survive the cold of winter.

Winter Season Services

Wintertime can be tough on the plant life of your commercial property. It’s also a time when the weather can present challenges to the safety of your grounds. Ensuring your employees and customers are safe entering and exiting your business property is a top priority.


The comprehensive range of winter services we offer to Shirley for the winter months includes:


  • Snow Removal: This service includes removing snow from the property to ensure the business is accessible to the public.
  • Gritting, Salt & Salt Bins: This service includes properly salting the property to ensure any ice is melted, so it’s safe to walk to and from the business.


No matter the need or the season, Viridian Lights has your commercial property covered. Not in the Shirley area, no worries; we service the surrounding areas too! Contact us today to learn more about our commercial grounds maintenance in Shirley.

Viridian Light offers an array of grounds maintenance Shirley, including landscaping, lawn care, weed removal, snow removal, etc.

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